Saturday Design Portfolio

A place for me to remember what I've worked on and what was cool about it.


Designer, Developer

frameworks & tools

Firebase Cloud Functions
Google Analytics

Previously Gatsby, React, GraphQL, & Netlify CMS


As soon as I quit my job to start freelancing, I knew I wanted a business name since my name isn't exactly easy to spell. I chose the name Saturday Design because Saturdays make me think of endless possibilities, and design is about narrowing down those possibilities to find a great solution. And who doesn't love Saturdays?

Designing for yourself,
an existential journey

Designing for yourself is a huge challenge, much harder than designing for a brand or other person, I think.The design process can quickly veer into existential territory - who am I? how do others see me? who do I want to be?

Eventually I took a step back and took inspiration from some of my favorite objects and colors from my living room, since I chose them for a reason.

In the end this design actually does reflect my personality pretty well, it's friendly but a little bold, optimistic but practical.

Starting over

When I start a new project, I always look for an opportunity to learn something new and try out new technologies people are talking about.

For the first version of my portfolio, I wanted to try Gatsby, so I built it with Gatsby, React, GraphQL, & Netlify CMS. It worked out well, but it wasn't the easiest to update, so I often didn't bother.

After moving the website for my app Imaginarie to Webflow, I knew I was ready to ditch my portfolio's code and go with a no-code tool. I rebuilt and improved my portfolio in Webflow with no regrets.